Custom Capabilities Manager

Updated: November 14, 2016

Custom Capabilities Manager allows you to add any type of capability you want. Third party plugins may provide custom capabilities to access their parts. Using our Custom Capabilities Manager you can add these capabilities and manage them for each user Role.

After click on Custom Capabilities Manager menu item you can add new capabilities. For each new capability fill in information:

  • Capability Slug – name of added capability, usually text in the form like: this_is_new_capability
  • Capability Label – text used as label when new capability appear between all other capabilities available for Role
  • Capability Help – text used as description text when new capability appear between all other capabilities available for Role

If you want to add custom capabilities related to third party plugin – always ask plugin developers for capability name or names they are using to manage options or parts of their product, if information like this isn’t available in their documentation pages related to product.

In example below is added capability to manage Woocommerce plugin part. On the Woocommerce plugin website we found what is the capability name they are using, it’s capability manage_woocommerce – so this name of capability is used as Capability Slug.

Custom Capabilities Manager

If you add new capability, it’s necessary refresh plugin page to load this capability for all Roles available in management.
After page refresh is newly added capability available for management for each Role:

Added new capability for management

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