Updated: August 31, 2016

AIT Toolkit plugin is required to use this Element.

Counters element provide option to display one or more counters on page in some specific shape.

Available are options:

  • Type – you can select from three types of counter:
    • Gauge: counter in the shape of circle
    • Line: counter in the shape of line
    • Text: counter which show numbers, counts from 0 to specified number
  • Dimension – specify dimension of counter in px
  • Thickness – specify thickness of counter in px

By clicking on link “+ Add New Item” you can add new counters and specify their values:

  • Current Value – the value which will be shown by counter. For types Gauge and Line use the number from 0 to 100, in case of Text type you can use bigger number.
  • Title – text displayed as title of counter
  • Description – text displayed as description with counter

Advanced options

  • Bottom Color – base color of counter
  • Top Color – color which shows the current value on counter

Using drag&drop system you can easily change order of created counters if you need. Just drag and drop each counter to position you want.


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