Banner Widget

Updated: March 23, 2018

Banner Widget (name: Theme → Banner) is an unique feature that comes with themes like CoffeeBar or BeachClub. You can find it in the list of all other widgets. Banner widget has several simple settings:

  • Image – select image or icon directly from media library that will appear in banner
  • Title – type the title of banner
  • Link – specify the url address where you want to navigate after click. Read more below…
  • Open in new window – determine if the link above will open in the new or same tab
  • Text – type some short description for this banner

Banner Widget Settings

What you get on the front-end is the list of nice banners that behave as bookmarks (especially in the left sidebar). If you use a Link url (mentioned above) of some page within your website, then the specific banner will be highlighted as soon as you open that page. Look at the example from CoffeeBar theme (result after click on “Menu Cart” banner):


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