Authors – Theme Options

Updated: September 28, 2015

Blog Theme provides specialized section in Theme Options designed for Authors. Here you can specify locations where you want to redirect each author after login or registration. If you didn’t select any from existing pages (you cannot use external links, only pages created in admin section) default settings will be used:

  • after login – user is redirected to his personal blog page
  • after registration – user is redirected to the home page

If you want to protect your website from unknown users you can set Default User Role to let’s say a Subscriber. Then you have full control over your users because Subscriber role cannot write or edit any content. But keep in mind that MultiAuthor Blog theme is designed for Authors so if you want to grant trusted users full access to blogging features set their roles as Author individually in Users settings while keeping ‘low’ role for all new registered users.

You can also create rich content for author’s personal blog page. You can consider it as a welcome screen in case that current author didn’t publish any post yet. It is better than just “404 – nothing found” message. You can also decide what kind of content will be presented for logged author or random unregistered visitor.

Authors - Theme options

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