Anchor Menu

Updated: March 1, 2018

Anchor Menu element allows you to create quick navigation through sections on one page.
Menu is displayed on the side right side of page, or on the top of page in responsive design.

Anchor Menu Onapage Theme

How to create Anchor Menu

Anchor Menu is created automatically from all Anchor elements available on the page, see in the screenshot placed Anchor Menu element on the top and all other Anchor elements before each section where you want navitage using anchor menu:

Anchor Menu in Page Builder

Available options:

  • Enable Hierarchy – anchor menu can be created like parent-child hierarchy of anchors. Anchor element can be selected as Parent, all next Anchor elements are child elements of this anchor element until isn’t selected as parent next one Anchor element. While you move mouse over child anchors on the frontend, highlighted is also parent anchor.
  • Enable Custom Menu – enable or disable custom menu items
  • Custom Items – custom menu items can be added before or after automatically generated anchor menu from all Anchor elements

Anchor Menu Element

For each custom menu item can be defined Title and Link to section represented with Anchor element, as link may be used for example anchor #overview if in page is added Anchor element with the same ID:

Anchor Element

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