How to create a Perfect Navigation on the Mobile device?

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Updated: September 6, 2018
How to create a Perfect Navigation on the Mobile device?

Navigation on the mobile device has to be simple to use for all users. For the correct operation it has to be visible easily at first glance – you cannot force users to be looking for the information you want to provide to them. Simply just provide it.

One part of the strategy for creation of excellent navigation is the ability to create it in such way, so that it can be used intuitively. It means that user can get from point A to point B without thinking about each individual step (click). It is also important not to move the navigation controls around on the various pages and sub-pages.

Improve the bottom navigation

Main rule for mobile browsing experience is to display only what is really important. It means not to use more than 5 destinations. Furthermore it is good to eliminate the scrollable content, too many colourful icons, as well as too long text labels on the icons. Rather aim for having universal icons with one colour background.

All the detailed information on creation of functional user friendly mobile navigation can be found on the website in the article: The Golden Rules Of Bottom Navigation Design.

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