GDPR WordPress plugins for privacy policy compliance

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Updated: January 15, 2020
GDPR WordPress plugins for privacy policy compliance

After half year since GDPR entered into force, everybody knows what is the General Data Protection Regulation and how affects all websites and businesses around the world. Today every subject that has visitors or customers from European Union has to comply GDPR privacy policy legislation.

In connection with these rules we have made a number of changes to our themes. But what more, we have developed new GDPR plugins for helping you to collect, process and store personal data. By using these useful tools you can implement all the necessary obligations that are required.

Moreover some of our GDPR WordPress plugins are available for all WordPress Themes – not only for our themes, but also for themes created by other authors.

This blogpost was updated on 9th of November to bring more specific information about plugins usage. We will introduce you how to work with our Infobar – WordPress cookie plugin that allows you add bar to your website including text and button if you’d like to. After user clicks on this button (or simple on “X” when button is disabled) the bar won’t display anymore.

Next we’ll talking about using our Subscribe form plugin for unbeatable email management. This GDPR plugin is great example of handling with users data to comply privacy policy.

New GDPR WordPress Plugins

The main benefit of these plugins is that they can be customized by website needs. You can adjust their functionality, design and purpose as you want.

Infobar Plugin helps you get cookie consent

Infobar Plugin working as a special WordPress cookie plugin and its goal is to notify user. It turns on the information bar at the top or bottom of the website. You can add any text into this bar – such as information that your site uses cookies or any other alert for your visitors.



Because it’s closeable bar, it can be canceled by clicking on “X” or text button if available. By this “action” user expresses his consent with statement displayed inside the bar. So that’s why is Infobar perfect for get GDPR cookie consent from every user. It’s not annoying for the visitor because after closing, consequently it will no longer be visible to him.


Infobar is a universal WordPress plugin (not only cookie plugin) that is compatible with all WordPress themes. You can use it with templates from other authors.

If you’d like to see how to activate Infobar on your website and how to create privacy policy, watch this quick tutorial:

Work with email subscriptions more precisely via Ait Subscribe Form

If you need to collect and store customer email addresses on your website you have to do it right. This plugin allows you to work with sensitive personal data in line with the new GDPR legislation.

Ait Subscribe Form adds a new element with subscribe form that can be added anywhere on the website using Ait Page Builder. This element also provides logging of user activity.


Thanks to user’s subscription activity log, you will exactly know which user (and when) expressed their consent with subscription via the form. Or alternatively when the user decided to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

Plugin connected to MailChimp

What’s the next benefit, Ait Subscribe Form plugin can be linked to the MailChimp account. This plugin communicates with MailChimp via API. This feature provides you the order in your email database. It means, that you’ll always know what kind of emails would like your subscribers receive.

By using Ait Subscribe Form you have detailed database with chronological order of user consents with any type of emails.

AIT Subscribe form

Comments Extension plugin for privacy policy clarification

The Comments functionality is a built-in functionality of WordPress itself. Visitors have to fill in their email address if they want to add a comment. Our plugin extends the standard WordPress Comment form for Pages and Posts by providing an option to add new help texts for all the input fields in the form. Comments Extensions provides you an opportunity to better clarify your privacy policy.

You can use help text (fields) to explain the purpose of data collecting to keep privacy policy as GDPR requires.


Comments Extension is an universal plugin which means it can be used for all WordPress themes, and even for the themes provided by other authors.

Comments Extension

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Changes in our current WordPress plugins

Because GDPR has entered into force, we’ve extend some plugins to help you meet new criteria about privacy policy.

Quick Comments plugin

This plugin is used for communication with the website visitors. For such communication personal details are used thus needs to deal with them in secure way. It is possible to add help text in the Quick Comments plugin for:

  • Input Email
  • Subscribe to newsletter

In addition, radio buttons have been added to express the consent of the commenting user with subscribing to the newsletter. In order for the Quick Comments plugin to comply GDPR privacy policy, the consent is automatically saved.


The archiving of consents including the exact wording of the agreed text is one of the most important obligations.

Integration with MailChimp

The new feature is also integration directly with MailChimp. Now you can connect your account with the plugin using your MailChimp API Key. With this plugin, you can automate the collection and management of email addresses for marketing purposes. You need visitor’s approval for such collection. If you’re provided with the consent, the email address gets automatically imported from the Quick Comments form to your MailChimp list.

It is very important that you also make it easy for the visitor to unsubscribe from the mailing list. For this operation, the user can use the same form and the change will also be reflected automatically in MailChimp.

Quick Comments

Claim Listing plugin

This plugin allows the user to take responsibility for their own “listing item” from the list and manage it. For the mandatory fields in the form through which such user is registered, we have now added editable help texts. You can enter the help texts for:

  • Email
  • Username

Claim Listing

Item Reviews plugin

When adding a review, users complete certain fields in the form. To clarify why you request this information, custom help texts are now available for:

  • Nickname
  • Description

Item Reviews plugin details

Item Reviews

Updates in multilingual themes

Beside plugins changes and release of brand new GDPR plugins, we’ve made updates also in our WordPress themes.

Change in Contact form Element

Contact form element now includes option to add help text to each input field. You can write any description, help or notice for the website visitors here. For example, you can specify the reason for which you are requesting this information from them.

It’s always good to give your visitors closer information about dealing with their personal data (e.g., email or name). GDPR law requests to tell users a purpose of collecting/ processing data and in some cases you need to specify also the way, how you are going to do it.

Contact Form

Updates in portal themes

Register form

Within the Register form widget, we added the option to add a description or help text for the following inputs:

  • Email
  • Username

In addition to all portal templates, the updated Register form is available also for the Multi-Author Blog theme.

Register widget

Contact Owner form

The option to add help text for all the inputs on the form that is located on the detail page of a specific item. Namely for:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Subject
  • Message

Contact Owner form

GDPR doesn’t have to be a nightmare for website

All changes that we’ve implemented same as our brand new GDPR WordPress plugins help you to deal with personal data. These plugins work as useful tools to comply privacy policy on your website.

If you’re not sure what text should be inserted to individual fields to be displayed within our WordPress plugins, there exists many “GDPR for dummies” guidance and tips for better understanding the law. Also we highly recommend you to discuss it with your lawyer.


Disclaimer: Please note that Ait Themes provides product technical solutions. Ait Themes Club is therefore not responsible for incorrect handling of data or insufficient incorporation of GDPR requirements. The complete implementation of the legislation must be ensured by each company individually based on the personal data it processes (or does not). Do not forget to consult your lawyer in order to help you to be fully GDPR compliant.

A complete list of updated themes for GDPR

Translated & Multilingual Themes

  • Langwitch
  • Widescreen
  • Expedition
  • Aqua
  • Architect
  • Denko
  • OnePage
  • Multi-Author Blog
  • Photographer
  • Ristorante+
  • BeachClub
  • Cargo
  • FarmWorld
  • Brick
  • Doctor+
  • Memorial
  • Hair
  • Solitudo
  • Retro
  • Hoteliour
  • Typo
  • Gourmet
  • Band
  • SportClub
  • Anchor
  • Sushi
  • Spa
  • Coffeebar

Portal Themes

  • Business Finder+
  • Directory+
  • Event Guide
  • Food Guide
  • City Guide


  • Comments Extension
  • Infobar
  • Quick Comments

WPML Ready Themes

  • Doctor
  • Fairytale
  • Tour Operator

Basic Themes

  • Universal Business
  • Glamorous
  • Corporate Easy

New plugins

  • Ait Subscribe Form
  • Comments Extension
  • Infobar Plugin