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Offer your customers a simplified WordPress administration without any unnecessary distractions. Plugin changes standard WordPress admin panel and gives it more user friendly look&feel. This plugin works with our Multilingual and Translated WordPress themes based on Framework 2 with AIT Page Builder. This is a must have for everybody who wish to help their non-technical clients understand website administration quickly. Believe us, it’s great.

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Última actualizaciónMarch 12, 2021
WordPress 5.x
Idiomas traducidos 27
Navegadores compatibles IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Diseño Auto-Adaptable
Conforme a la GDPR (nueva ley de protección de datos) yes
v3.0.6 March 12, 2021
- Fix: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated
v3.0.5 December 3, 2020
- Fix: Fixed warning related to deprecated filter "contextual_help"
v3.0.4 July 13, 2020
- Fix: Site URL
v3.0.3 July 10, 2020
- Fix: API keys & WP Multisite
v3.0.2 May 27, 2020
- Fix: Plugin Activation
v3.0.1 May 14, 2020
- Fix: Fixed and improved loading of Easy Admin css file
v3.0.0 May 12, 2020
- New: Plugin Activation
v2.11 July 25, 2019
- Fix: Header menu bg color have to be required 
v2.10 December 13, 2018
- Fix: Logo max-width 
v2.9 November 29, 2018
- Fix: Item title width 
v2.8 December 21, 2017
- Fix: overflow dropdown menu
v2.7 July 18, 2017
- Fix: forms WP 4.8 compatibility
v2.6 March 10, 2017
- Fix: iPhone responsive menu 
v2.5 February 23, 2017
- Fix: Submenu was not reachable on iPhone
v2.4 January 12, 2017
- Update: Admin styles updated
- Update: Admin styles for heading and tables to match latest WordPress version
v2.3 December 1, 2016
- Fix: Plugin script was executed even if plugin was disabled which caused several errors
v2.2 November 21, 2016
- Update: Admin styles
- Fix: Enabled option to change language in profile screen
v2.1 November 10, 2016
- Updated: Updated POT language files
v2.0 October 18, 2016
- Update: Plugin refactored
- Update: Updated UI
- Update: Options relocated into Theme Options
- Removed: Unused / deprecated functions
v1.17 August 5, 2016
- Fix: Edit Button was hidden
v1.16 July 22, 2016
- Added: Special offers to easy admin menu
v1.15 April 27, 2016
- Updated: Updated display capabilities
v1.14 February 23, 2016
- New: Compatibility with Food Menu custom type
- Fix: Header Menu Text Shadow Fix
- Fix: Logout redirect url
v1.13 December 9, 2015
- Fix: Responsive update
v1.12 October 6, 2015
- Updated: Updated Yoast SEO plugin compatibility
v1.11 August 18, 2015
- Fix: (for non-aitThemes) Wordpress roles can now access custom post types
v1.10 July 7, 2015
- Update: All translations are now handled by AIT Languages plugin
v1.9 June 9, 2015
- Update: Updated all translations - translated some new strings
- New:  Added new Ukrainian (uk) translation
v1.8 May 19, 2015
- Added: New language - Turkish (tr_TR)
- Updated: All other languages were updated
v1.7 April 20, 2015
- Added support for new cpt
v1.6 March 10, 2015
Added new languages
v1.5 February 23, 2015
- Fixed: text colors and column widths
- Removed: SEO by Yoast metaboxes for non-administrators
- Added: access to custom post types
v1.4 February 10, 2015
- fixed default font color
- fixed easy admin header menu items not showing (ait post types)
v1.3 January 20, 2015
added translations
fix: easy admin header buttons translation
v1.2 December 29, 2014
fix: colorpicker, settings deleted after deactivation - disabled
v1.1 December 17, 2014
- Fixed: language switcher in easy admin
v1.0 December 12, 2014
- Plugin released

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Comentarios (12)

  1. José

    Hola, buenos días. Me interesa mucho este plugin (EASY ADMIN) pero me gustaría que me ayudaran un poco con unas dudas que poseo:
    En las imágenes del producto siempre se ven estas 3 pestañas: Reviews, Items, Media.
    En mi caso, me interesa enormemente que aparezcan pestañas adicionales relacionadas con algún plugin específico, o simplemente pestañas adicionales que las pueda ir configurando en función a los widget que podemos encontrar en wordpress. ¿es posible actualmente realizar todo esto con la versión actual del plugin? En caso de que no se pueda ¿tienen en mente realizar dicha funcionalidad? ¿cuánto podría costarme el desarrollo de esta funcionalidad?

    Quedo atento a sus comentarios. Que tengan buen día. Saludos

    1. Zlatko

      Hola José,

      thanks for contacting us and for interesting in Easy Admin plugin:
      the functionality – add extension tabs into this plugin is not available by default. Moreover, we did not test a 3rd party plugins, and do not offer a plugin modification. Please, try to contact an experienced wordpress developer who will help you create an unique feature. I am pretty sure you could find somebody at market place, for example fiverr.com.
      Best regards,

      P.S. Event PRO plugin allows users to create and edit: Review, Items, Media and Events.

  2. Javier Santos

    I already buy this plugin and i installed but theres no options to put the login in the menu or anything, how can i put the login or register in the menu, there’s no documentation of what to do after install, it dosen’t create pages with shortcodes or anything… what is this its my question, i need support for this asap

    1. Emilia

      Hello, plugin alone doen’t have register or log in widget. It is dedicated to bring admin user friendly environment for user role such is Author, Subscriber, Contributor.

      Kind Regards

      1. Javier Santos

        worst plugin i ever buy, its just a bunch of css, i have to make all the pages manually even the header of the plugin itself to looks like the main header of the page, what if i don’t know how to do it? you make plugins that just work as they suppose to just with your themes but you sell it alone… and 45 dollars for this??? i don’t think you gonna approve this comment but i’m spreading this in all the forums this is a robbery

        1. Zlatko

          Hello Javier,
          thanks for your message, we highly appreciate your comment. Would you mind to share with us what would you make happy, which feature or function would you require? Thank you for taking the time to tell us why our product failed to meet your expectations.
          Have a great day,

  3. simon


    First of all, I want to say I´m quite happy with Directory+ theme. It works perfectly well and I can see huge potencial on it. However, Easy Admin plugin does not seem to be the right tool for users to register themselves on my site. WE HAVE TO TAKE INTO ACOUNT ORDINARY PEOPLE DON´T EVEN KNOW WORDPRESS.

    They get lost, confused and eventualy, they leave the mi site, which is frustrating after having spent weeks designing my site. And my main product is free! Imagine if I wanted to try asking for a little amount of money….

    Could you please make a nice looking form so that users don´t get bored when registering?? Please, Directory needs a decent easy admin plugin

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Simon,
      thanks a lot for your compliments and interesting idea, we’ll definitely re-consider it and make decision.
      Thanks for your patience and understanding.
      Kind regards!

  4. simon

    Please, have a look at this submit page:


    Would be hard to evolve Easy Admin in order to get something like this?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Simon,

      thanks for your message. Thank you for your feedback and great feature ideas for our products. All new suggestions are being added to our list of ideas which we analyze further and the most wanted features are being implemented into our products. Please kindly also note that currently we are working on another project with the highest priority. Thanks for understanding.



    I have problems to translate some words from the administration of the “Easy Admin” on the client side. You want to change the word “Elements” and “Articles”. You have tried to translate via plugins “Locotranslate” and using the gettext function and it is not possible to replace the word translation, we could not locate the corresponding call in the code, also it does not respond to the change of the “Editor Menu” plugins since it changes only in the default WordPress administrator but not in the client, they can help us to change those words or locate them In the code? At least to know which side we could make these modifications

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Ricardo,

      Thanks for writing in. Please follow the instructions posted at: https://www.ait-themes.club/knowledge-base/how-to-change-fixed-words-in-theme/
      Should you have further questions, please provide us of the issues you have found out via support forum: https://system.ait-themes.club/support/add-question

      Kind regards!
      AIT team

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