City Guide v2 and Extension Plugins

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Updated: January 15, 2020
City Guide v2 and Extension Plugins

Hey guys,

Thank you all for choosing our City Guide WordPress Theme for your website. Our goal is to give you the best portal theme on the market. We plan to develop new features that you will be able to use on your site and make it really unique for you and your clients. Our company also run a small portal website since 2005 now so we know what is important and what we always wanted. In 2013 we’ve developed our very first portal theme, since then we’ve released 2 more themes on our previous framework. City Guide is a brand new successor based on our newer theme framework. Every single line of code is completely rewritten that includes HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and also plugins.

Our previous themes are also composed of plugins. If you wish to create a good portal website, you need WPML plugin, Extension plugin, Directions plugin. Import and Export plugins are also important for site maintenance.

To separate different features into plugins was our plan from the very beginning. We knew that rebuilding all the features and make them available in City Guide will take long time, that’s why 5 of our developers were dedicated to build this theme since July this year. We’ve managed to redevelop almost everything we currently have in our older portal themes only in 5 months time which is a great achievement and I’m very happy that we made it.

The current City Guide version includes many improvements that are free of charge. I’d only mention most significant and visible ones:

  • Social icons to single page
  • Enhanced Street View map control
  • Enhancements to the map element
  • Enhanced Megamenu settings
  • Updated Portfolio element
  • Import from particular page in Page Builder
  • Over 200 Google Fonts
  • 3 new languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Albanian, Bulgarian
  • Packages support
  • Bank transfer gateway
  • Enhanced Log in widget
  • Items widget
  • Many other speed improvements
  • Compatibility fixes for upcoming WordPress 4.1+

We plan to add the following features directly into the theme:

  • Ajax search
  • Other usability improvements

The following features are or will be available as plugins available for purchase for a small fee:

  • Reviews
  • Easy Admin
  • Import & Export plugin
  • Paypal payments
  • Get Directions plugin
  • Claim listing plugin
  • Events

Price of the theme is the same as other “simpler” themes we have in our Club even though it already includes way way more features and took us many times longer to create it. This lower price is making the theme more affordable for everybody that would like to create a simple portal website and don’t need all additional features.

If somebody is going to create an advanced portal website, they can extend it with additional plugins. Price for plugins are set very reasonably, if we compare it to WooCommerce extensions for example. You don’t need to order these changes from a local developer or do then on your own, all plugins are fully supported by us and are tested on our theme. Most importantly if you’re running a global portal, all plugins and also City Guide theme itself are fully translated into 21 languages. You don’t need to do the translation on your own or get it translated for your international clients. We saved you both time and money! 🙂

Looking back I agree that we should write the price of additional plugins from the very beginning. This communication misunderstanding would not happen. I hope you understand it.

I’d like to wish you good luck with your portal business, many customers and visitors. Portal sites are great way to earn with Google Adsense or by offering subscriptions. Possibilities and endless and we’d like to help you with that. City Guide is not just a theme, it’s a full business you can run for a couple of dollars! 🙂

We’re also planning to create more and dedicated portal themes. All plugins will be compatible with all portal themes. That means you don’t need to purchase them separately for each theme or site you’re running.

Have a great day,

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