New Release: Citadela WordPress theme and plugins

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Updated: January 29, 2020
New Release: Citadela WordPress theme and plugins

We’re proud to announce that earlier this week, a new WordPress theme and 3 new WordPress plugins have been released. What makes this news even more exciting is that Citadela is a WordPress theme of the next generation.

Citadela WordPress theme is:

  • Especially built for WordPress Block Editor
  • Without any framework
  • Compatible with 3rd party plugins
  • Suitable for creating any website from blog through business presentation up to listings and business portal websites

The story behind Citadela

The arrival of new WordPress 5.0 has brought significant changes. The WordPress is different than it was a few years ago. And the reaction of WordPress developers around the world has indicated that more innovations are about to come.

Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, has suggested that we can expect front-end editor including header and footer management. This is the reason why we decided to build a new, strong foundation for the next generation of WordPress products. New block editor, faster websites and increased variability are legitimate reasons for using the latest technology.

We realized the new WordPress deserves a theme especially built for, because there is a new, better way of creating websites:

  1. Using WordPress visual Customizer
  2. Composing your website with blocks

We divided the features into plugins to offer you more possibilities. There’s much more you can do while building your website. With Citadela products you become more creative. Your website will serve better experience to users. And, at the same time, website customization is easier than before. The new concept clearly shows increased flexibility.

The idea behind the WordPress Block Editor is to:

  • Unify the WordPress community once again;
  • Increase the cross-compatibility of components from different authors,
  • Eliminate individual frameworks and builders;
  • Simplify the website building process, and
  • Spread around the world even more.

New WordPress is flexible and visual. And so is our new WordPress theme. We named it Citadela because it represents a strong base.

How does it work?

Citadela is one theme that will adapt to your changing needs along the way. You don’t need to worry about choosing the theme that has all the features you might possibly need upfront. Choose Citadela. It will allow you to add more features later.

Starting a new project with Citadela

Get Citadela WordPress theme

Feel free to start building your website right away, using our premium WordPress theme (available for free). When you’re done with the basic settings, expand your content. Start building a relationship with your web visitors and customers.

Turn on customization with Citadela Pro Plugin

If you need more customization options, simply activate them with Citadela Pro Plugin. It will instantly offer you more layouts you can try without rebuilding your website. You’ll be able to change colors and fonts too. Designing a website of your dreams has never been easier.

Add more blocks with Citadela Blocks plugin

There are several dozens of original WordPress blocks you can use for free. However, every business field requires specific and unique features that need to be added to the website. Thanks to the exceptional Citadela concept, there’s no need to consider it before you start building your website. You can add them anytime, using Citadela Blocks plugin or any 3rd party plugin.

Enhance your content with Citadela WordPress Directory plugin

Content is the main key to the search engine optimization these days. We know it and so we thought of a way to help you attract more visitors and keep them on your website longer:

Create stunning and more valuable content with our Citadela WordPress Directory plugin.

Possibility of adding portal features to an ordinary website is the greatest news brought by our Citadela products portfolio. It’s a brand new, mind changing approach to creating a website content.

Of course, Citadela Directory WordPress plugin can be used to build a portal website. But because it’s a plugin made of WordPress portal blocks, it can be used on any website. It doesn’t matter if you have a business website or just an online presentation, if you’re a blogger or other website owner. These new features will soon become must-haves on every website.

What can you do with portal WordPress blocks?

Let’s explore the benefits of portal features. Portal is all about items. Any items with their locations and categories. Items can be displayed on the map or listed on the Page. Imagine what would happen if you could add such items listing into the Post.

For example, let’s say you have a website about coffee. You write an article about best coffee houses you have visited in London. Wouldn’t it be great to display them all on the map right within your blog post? And this is only the beginning. Subscribe to our newsletter to get more website building tips on a regular basis.

Existing customers: Migration from old portal themes

Citadela WordPress Directory Plugin contains automated migration of data from our old FrameWork 2 portal themes. The whole process runs automatically after the activation of the plugin. Your data is migrated from old database to the new one.

Please note that only features which are already available within are being migrated. At the moment it’s Items, Categories and Locations. Once we add more features (e.g. reviews), they will also migrate automatically. Please see our documentation for more details.

What do you need?

Basic requirements of Citadela WP Theme

Citadela WordPress Theme is built for WordPress 5.3 and higher. It’s compatible with Citadela plugins – Citadela Pro, Citadela Blocks and Citadela Directory WordPress plugin, as well as any modern 3rd party plugins with standard WordPress code.

Citadela Pro plugin is compatible solely with Citadela WordPress Theme. Please install it on WordPress 5.2 or newer. This plugin will not work with any other WordPress theme – ours nor 3rd party.

Outstanding compatibility: Citadela Blocks & Citadela WordPress Directory plugins

Citadela Blocks and Citadela WordPress Directory plugins are separate, universal and highly compatible plugins that can be used with any standard WordPress theme.

Please feel free to use Citadela Blocks and Citadela Directory WordPress plugins with Divi, Avada or other popular themes, too.


Citadela products are framework-free, based on a new approach, build on WordPress itself. This change has ensured great compatibility with 3rd party products. However, we would like to mention that framework-free Citadela products are not compatible with old Ait Themes and Plugins built on Framework 2 or older.

What’s coming next?

We’ll continue working on Citadela theme and plugins and we’ll keep adding useful features. At first, it’ll be more general elements such as GDPR compliance extensions.

Later you can expect tools to display and highlight substantial information or ads – Infobar and Announcement Bar. We’ll also be adding new layout settings, and of course, many new blocks for you to enjoy.

On top of that, we’ll keep working on great additional portal functionality like Open Street Maps, WPML compatibility, special portal blocks, new features for your Blog and advanced settings.

Visit Citadela Theme Detail pages to find out more.

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