Citadela Monthly Report: New Citadela Layouts and features added in November

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Updated: July 14, 2020
Citadela Monthly Report: New Citadela Layouts and features added in November

Citadela is our newest WordPress theme released at the end of summer this year. It’s built for blocks with the emphasis on usability, website speed, compatibility, security and responsiveness. For more details about Citadela, how it works and what brought us to developing it, please read our previous article New Release: Citadela WordPress theme and plugins

In this article, we would like to share with you the latest Citadela news and inform you about new features added to Citadela WordPress theme since its first release.

Let’s dive right in.

Citadela Layouts: Create your web design in a click

First of all, let me present you Citadela Layouts.

As soon as we finished designing Citadela WordPress theme, we started working on layouts. Citadela layouts are pre-designed packs, or as you might know it – WordPress theme layouts, created by our designers for specific type of websites.


Each new design template comes with unique functionalities necessary for the type of website certain business needs.

At the time of writing this article, there are 3 Citadela layout packs available for you to download and our designers Monika and Peter are working on another one that will be released very soon.

The biggest advantage of Citadela Layout pack is that it was created by professional designers (so you don’t have to pay for one yourself). WP admin and customizer are pre-set for a specific type of site, helping you build a website you need quickly and conveniently.

You can get the layout pack in a click, including all images, pre-set pages and menus. All you need to do is add your own content – texts, posts, contact information, etc.

Choose one of our Citadela Layout packs and see for yourself how easily you can create great looking website.

Citadela Business and Citadela Listing Layouts

Citadela Business and Citadela Listing are universal layout packs suitable for many different kinds of business websites. They’re highly flexible and customizable.

Moreover, these layout packs include everything you need to create superior blog, professional business presentation or even an e-shop (thanks to Citadela’s compatibility with e-Commerce and other such plugins).

Citadela Doctor Layout

Citadela Doctor layout pack has been tailor made for a specific field – healthcare. With this pack, you can easily create WordPress website for medical professionals, hospitals, GPs, out-patience and other health care providers or clinics.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding more layout packs, e.g. Hotel, Restaurant, Architect, Photographer – just to mention a few. Each of them will be carefully thought through to include all the sections and pages that a particular profession or business needs.

Thanks to the layout packs, you can save time and energy while building a website and focus on more creative work. If you’d like to see any specific layout pack for your profession, please, leave us a comment below with your suggestions.

Freshly added blocks & features

Little-by-little, we’re adding new features to our Citadela products range. These new functionalities are included in updates that are free for all our customers with active membership.

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Responsive spacer

Responsive spacer is a new WordPress block added to Citadela Blocks plugin. Unlike default Spacer block, it is responsive. Therefore you can define its size in relative values rather than fixed height set in pixels.

If you have any experience with building responsive website, you’ll certainly appreciate this block. Because you know that good web design respects neat alignment and appropriate spacing between elements. Responsive spacer block will make sure your website will adapt to your web visitor’s screen of any size.


Infobar is a smart way of showing notification to the visitors of your website. Usually, it’s used for the cookies note when someone enters your site for the first time. The notification can be closed by a visitor and won’t show again for a certain number of days defined as Expiration.

Infobar is included in Citadela PRO plugin.

Comments Extension

Would you like to change the default text displayed within the form inputs? Simple change of such micro texts in the fill-in forms can have a great impact. You can encourage your web visitors to interact more, build trust and convert to customers.

You can find Comments Extension in Citadela PRO plugin.

Coming soon: Blogposts on the map

Time-proven feature transformed into the world of WordPress blocks, that’s blogposts on the map. As the name suggests, this new feature allows you to define GPS coordinates for a blogpost and thereafter display blogpost on the map.

This is one of our portal features included in Citadela WordPress Directory plugin which provides added value for your web visitors. It visualizes the content and it is especially useful for travel blogs, food blogs or even publishing exciting news about local business branches.

You’ll also benefit from the new feature Blogposts on the map, when organizing events, such as festivals, conferences, public events, workshops or exhibitions.

Find more inspiration and learn how you can publish better content using portal functionalities on your website: Create micro portal website in your blogpost

Citadela is destined for growth…

We have a long list of planned features. There will be many more layout packs and unique blocks added to Citadela in 2020. One of them, which you can look forward to and we can tell you about right away is the open street map functionality. It will be added within a few months.