Citadela Documentation

Documentation for Citadela theme and Citadela plugins

Citadela Theme

Documentation pages for Citadela Theme

Theme installation and activation instructions.
From 24th of July 2020, you can update Citadela th […]
Download presentation layouts for Citadela Theme.
Create child theme to apply own modifications in t […]
Translate words and sentences from theme and plugi […]
Additional settings in metabox available on standa […]
How to use Citadela blocks with Elementor, Divi or […]

Citadela Pro Plugin

Documentation pages for Citadela Pro Plugin

Plugin installation instructions
Options added in WordPress Customizer.
Special pages used to build layout of automaticall […]
Add Google Analytics tracking code or any other cu […]
Infobar can be used to display cookies notificatio […]
Comments Extension can be used to add help text or […]
Announcements bar allows you to present any import […]
Custom header settings to modify header design for […]
Content width settings to define custom width of e […]
Block displays blog posts on blog page.
Displays bog posts based on filters available in b […]

Citadela Blocks Plugin

Documentation pages for Citadela Blocks Plugin

Plugin installation instructions.
Cluster block allows you to group other blocks int […]
Service block present any type of information on y […]
Page title shows the H1 page title anywhere in pag […]
Add empty space between blocks that will look diff […]
Price table block allows you to add pricing tables […]
Add text with custom options for mobile devices an […]

Citadela Directory Plugin

Documentation pages for Citadela Directory Plugin

Plugin installation instructions.
Information about automated migration process of d […]
Special pages used to build layout of automaticall […]
Use child theme to customize templates of Citadela […]
Integration settings to use directory core feature […]
Easy Admin offers simplified WordPress administrat […]
Item Reviews functionality allows website visitors […]
Item Extension allows create additional inputs on […]
Create content of Item Posts using Gutenberg edito […]
How to add new Item custom post type and which opt […]
Improved default WordPress blog posts.
Information about Category taxonomy created for It […]
Improved default WordPress post categories.
Information about Location taxonomy created for It […]
Additional location taxonomy available for blog po […]
Instructions to get your Google Maps API Key neces […]
Google reCaptcha protects your website against spa […]
Show tracks on the map using GPX files assigned to […]
Different color themes for your maps.
Directory blocks to get the most of Item Posts and […]
Block displays opening hours of specific directory […]
Filter search results of Item Posts,
Displays directory Item Posts based on filters ava […]
Block displays directory Item Categories based on […]
Search form allows visitors to search blog posts b […]
Block displays directory Item Locations based on f […]
Block displays blog posts appropriate to the searc […]
Displays directory Item Posts on map based on filt […]
Displays directory blog posts on map based on filt […]
Search form allows visitors to search directory It […]
Displays relevant blog posts on the map automatica […]
Displays relevant directory Item Posts automatical […]
Block displays directory Item Posts based on curre […]
Block displays child Locations of currently opened […]
Block displays child Categories of currently opene […]
Block displays content written in visual editor of […]
Displays main featured image selected for Item Pos […]
Block displays contact information related to Item […]
Displays information from Item Extension inputs as […]
Block displays contact form which send email direc […]
Citadela Directory Subscriptions is a feature whic […]
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