Translate Citadela products

Updated: June 10, 2020

All Citadela products include the translation .pot file in the ./languages subfolder. Using the .pot file you can translate words from theme or plugin files to your language.

We recommend to use Poedit translation editor to translate words from files. The editor allows you to translate words from theme or plugin .php files.
Once your translation is done, Poedit save your translation files with extensions .po and .mo. Names of files are very important to allow WordPress to load your translation.

  • Theme translation files would have format theme-name-{locale_CODE}.po
    – example of file name for German translation of Citadela Theme: citadela-de_DE.po
  • Plugin translation files would have format plugin-name-{locale_CODE}.po
    – example of file name for German translation of Citadela Directory plugin: citadela-directory-de_DE.po

Correct language locale codes can be found on official WordPress pages:

Note please that translation of words from Gutenberg editor (blocks and settings in the editor) require additional action to generate .json translation files from your translated .po files. Blocks and editor settings are based on the javascript, thus make working translation of these words you need to follow advanced WordPress documentation:

For now, WordPress does not offer a user-friendly way to generate .json translation files for words in Javascript files. Creation of these files can be done only using WordPress Command Line Interface (WP CLI).

Join community and share Citadela Theme translations.

Another option is to use 3rd party plugin TranslatePress, which allows you to translate website content and also the theme’s strings. It works in a bit different way. Translations are made through front-end. When you change already translated text in your native language it will overwrite also that translated text. It means you must translate it again.

Give it try and depends on your WordPress skill choose the best way for you.

Citadela products are not compatible with AIT Languages plugin.

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