Migration from other AIT directory themes

Updated: July 1, 2021

If your website was running on of our previous directory type Theme, Citadela Listing plugin can detect it and automatically run migration of your data in database. Migrated are all information which are already supported by Citadela Listing plugin.
In the first plugin release are migrated all Item Posts, Categories and Locations terms with information which are already available in Citadela Listing plugin. With all further plugin updates we’ll migrate more and more data continuously as plugin functionality will be extended and data from directory themes will be usable in Citadela Listing plugin. We would like to use as most data as possible to make migration process of your website as easiest as possible for you.

In some cases, migration process can fail because of unexpected problems. For this reason, you can find the button in Citadela Listing settings under “Data migration” tab. Simply click on “Restart Migration” button. If you can’t find Migration tab in settings, it means that migration was done successfully on your website.

From which themes are data migrated?

Citadela Listing plugin migrate data from following AIT Themes:

  • Directory +
  • Business Finder +
  • CityGuide
  • FoodGuide
  • EventGuide
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