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Updated: March 11, 2021

Citadela Directory Subscriptions is a feature which allows any visitors of your website to purchase a simple subscription and register into your directory portal. With a valid subscription they are allowed to create, edit or remove their own Directory Items. Payments, orders, invoices and subscriptions are fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin.


Citadela Directory Subscriptions feature is based on WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin, that is changed to allow connection of Citadela Directory items with WooCommerce shopping process. You do not need to purchase and install WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin as this functionality is already included in Citadela Directory plugin.

You can learn here:

  1. How to setup
  2. How to configure Accounts
  3. Create Product

How to setup Directory Subscription

Before you can start using Directory Subscriptions it is necessary to configure WooCommerce plugin. For all details please read the official WooCommerce docummentation.

Please bear in mind that the following quick guide does not cover all WooCommerce configuration options. This documentation is written to help you speed up the setup process.

Enable Subscriptions feature in Citadela Directory

You need to enable Subscriptions functionality in Citadela Directory plugin. Simply navigate to Citadela Directory -> Subscriptions, check Enable Subscriptions checkbox and click Save Settings.

This will give you notification that you need to install & activate WooCommerce plugin. Click on the provided link and wait until WooCommerce is successfully downloaded.

Configure WooCommerce plugin

After clicking on “Activate plugin” button you’ll get a first screen where you should click “Yes please” button.

On the second screen click on the link “Proceed without Jetpack & WooCommerce Services”. After that you get a popup with option to help WooCommerce with your stats. You can decide yourself if you with to participate in it or not.

On the following screens you set up information about your online store:

On the last step you’re asked which products you will be selling in your store. Simply select “Downloads” and click Continue button.


Do not select “Subscriptions” as this functionality is already included in Citadela Directory plugin.

On the next screen just select what you want and click “Continue” button.

On the next step for an unknown reason WooCommerce decides to offer you their own themes. Simply click “Continue with my active theme” button to continue using Citadela.

After initial configuration it is also important to set these options:

Configure Accounts & Privacy Settings

Enable these 2 options on WooCommerce Settings / Accounts & Privacy settings page:

  • Allow customers to log into and existing account during checkout
  • Allow customers to create an account during checkout

Create WooCommerce Subscription Product

You can create as many Directory Subscriptions as you want via WooCommerce Products with the following parameters:

  • Product Type: Simple Subscription
  • Virtual Product (shipping makes no sense for subscription products)
  • Subscription price (set the recurring price and billing period)
  • Expire after (subscription will expire after this period and user won’t be able to prolong his subscription)
  • Sign-up fee (one-time fee during the checkout process)
  • Free trial (the first recurring payment will be postponed until end of trial perios)
  • Inventory / Sold individually (it makes no sense to sell multiple Directory Subscriptions to single user)

The second step is to check the Enable checkbox on the Citadela Subscription tab, set the maximum number of items for this subscription and appropriate permissions:


Lifetime Subscription with single payment

If you set the Subscription price to $0 (recommended with as long billing period as possible) and Sign-up fee to any value (this will be the price of lifetime membership) you can achieve a possibility to sell a lifetime subscription with a single payment. Please note that it is only a workaround and user will still receive an invoice with $0 price according to the billing period.

What to do next?

If you’re have done all previous steps you have successfully installed WooCommerce plugin and configured Subscription products. Subscription products you have just created are like any other products in WooCommerce. You can display them on any page using WordPress editor blocks. It’s up to you how you use it.

How to enable payments?

As Citadela Directory plugin works directly with WooCommerce plugin, you can use any available payment gateways that work with WooCommerce. As this is a very complex topic, please check official documentation for more information.

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