Listing Search Results block

Updated: July 1, 2021

Block displays listing Item Posts based on current Item Category, Item Location or Search Results page.

Examples of usage:

  • on Search Results page are displayed only Item Posts appropriate to the search keyword, category or location
  • on Item Category page are displayed only Item Posts appropriate to the currently opened Item Category page
  • on Item Location page are displayed only Item Posts appropriate to the currently opened Item Location page

Block is available on appropriate Listing Special Pages: Listing Category Page, Listing Location Page, Listing Search Results.

Block settings in toolbar

Right in block toolbar can be defined Layout and Size of displayed Item Posts. You can select from List and Box layout, and choose Small, Medium or Large size for displayed posts.

Block settings in sidebar

Order options

Order options allow you to change ordering of displayed posts. Posts can be ordered by:

  • date
  • title
  • order number
  • random order

Ascending or descending order can be defined too.

Item details

From Item Details options available in sidebar of block you can define which information will be displayed with Item Posts on frontend, you can show or hide information like:

  • featured image
  • subtitle
  • description text
  • address information
  • web link
  • categories assigned to post
  • locations assigned to post

Design options

Design options can be used to customize the look of displayed posts. Available are options to customize:

  • decoration color
  • text color
  • background color
  • borders color
  • color for carousel navigation arrows and pagination bullets
  • choose width of borders, available are thin, thick or no borders options

Design options are available only with active Citadela Pro plugin.

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