Customize templates of special pages using child theme

Updated: January 22, 2021

Once you need to customize template files of Citadela Directory plugin for your 3dr party theme, child theme become useful to achieve wanted changes. Modification of templates for Special Pages like Item detail, Item Category, Item Location pages or Search Results pages might be helpful also in situations, when your theme shows broken content of mentioned pages due to different HTML structure used in theme and plugin.
Following process of templates customization via child theme is standard process that can be known from WooCommerce plugin – templates from plugin can be copied to theme and customized per user needs. If you are familiar with this kind of customization in WooCommerce, you have no problem to customize main templates from Citadela Directory plugin too.

First of all, it’s recommended to use Child Theme once you are going to customize core files of theme or plugin. Follow instruction in documentation page How to use child theme before you start your own customization.

Special pages templates

Templates for Special Pages can be found on following paths in Citadela Directory plugin folder:

  • Item Detail Page – ./plugin/cpt/item/templates/single-item.php
  • Directory Category Page – ./plugin/cpt/item/templates/taxonomy-category.php
  • Directory Location Page – ./plugin/cpt/item/templates/taxonomy-location.php
  • Directory Search Results – ./plugin/parts/items-search-page.php
  • Posts Search Results – ./plugin/parts/items-search-page.php – posts search results page uses the same template as search results page for Item posts

All of files above can be copied into core folder of your child theme and customized per your needs. To follow design of pages in your theme, we recommend to customize HTML structure of Citadela Directory template files using the same HTML tags used in your theme. That way you can make sure, that content of Citadela Directory special pages can be displayed correctly on all themes, no matter how different is HTML structure per different themes.

Note that this article is intended to describe how to customize main layout templates, no HTML of Blocks templates.