Christmas gifts from AitThemes and Support during Holidays

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Updated: September 6, 2018
Christmas gifts from AitThemes and Support during Holidays

End of the year is always a rush time when everybody tries to finish everything and start the new one with a clean desk. It’s not only a family time and time of presents, it’s a time when we can recap the whole year, be happy of all the good stuff that happened and learn from things that didn’t go as planned. We can also set new goals and plan the new year. In many countries it’s also the end of accounting year.

Happy Holidays Everybody

Let’s start with the best one – presents. I hope you’ll all have smile on your face 🙂 We’ve added a new section to our club website Graphics Assets. You’ll find there various graphic files from icons to PSDs. All items in Graphics section are during the Holidays for all our customers free of charge:

  • Free theme PSDs:
    • The Hair – custom made design for hair and spa saloons
    • ArtCafe – bistro website design
    • Caroline – colorful design with unique touches
  • Freebies – icons, images, buttons or ribons. You can use them anywhere also for commercial stuff. We plan to add more collections for you 😉

Premium Membership

Our Club is no longer only about themes, you can now purchase Premium Plugins that are fully tested with our themes. Graphics section will also include Premium assets that will be available for purchase such as icons sets for City Guide for example. We’ve bundled everything together for you and created a Premium Membership. You can use everything without any limits. As I write this blog posts it includes:

  • 13 WordPress themes made in 2014
  • 6 Plugins: 3 are universal and 3 special ones for City Guide
  • 20 Freebies
  • 3 PSD themes

If you’re already a Business Membership customer you can upgrade to Premium Membership for the price difference in our system.

We guarantee you the same price in all upcoming years even if we decide to change our pricing policy!

Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program and earn cash from our fast growing club. We’ll give you 20% from all purchases that you refer from your website. You can register here.

Limited Support during holidays

We’d like to inform you about limited technical support during upcoming holidays. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible, but it might take longer than usual. You can always find answers to your questions in our documentation or search previous questions in the support forum. It’ll be all back to normal on 5th of January 2015 🙂

Recapitulation of 2014

Year 2014 was very important for Ait Themes. We’ve finished integration of translation plugin into our Ait Framework that allows us to bring you multilingual themes, fully translated to 21  languages . This is an absolutely unique feature that we’re very proud of. English is not our primary language and we always dreamed about localized themes.

We’ve also launched our own Ait Themes Club where we can offer you service as we’d like to. We have prepared 13 brand new themes packed with features, 6 plugins and many new PSD files that are not yet fully converted into themes. We’ve released more than 100 updates to all our themes on club and themeforest.

Big thank you comes to the whole Ait team for all the great work & long working hours. You’re great!

Our goals for 2015

We have a list of great ideas for new unique themes and also plugins that will work in all our themes. We also have a big todo list with all features we’d like to implement into our Ait Framework. We’d like to make it even faster, simpler to use and also extend it with new features. We’ll also start offering various services that you’ll be able to order. New themes, new plugins, new services, new graphic assets.

In January we’ll release CoffeeBar theme. We’ll also release a brand new plugin, absolutely unique and great for every website 🙂 One special surprise will come to all Business and Premium Membership customers, we’ll talk about it in January.

New VAT changes take affect from 1st of January 2015. It’ll affect only customers from European Union. VAT will be calculated based on the new EU rules and final price will differ based on country of residence.

We wish you all a very successful New Year 2015 and Happy Holidays! See you next year 🙂

About Martin Kotys

CEO & Founder of AitThemes. Martin has 14 years experience in web industry. Has masters degree in IT. Experienced Web developer, Linux and Database Admin.

Comments (15)

  1. Andi

    And the promised free plugin for the database again wasn’t released.

    It seems to me that it’s more important to you to release those plugins, that cost extra money and let the CEO pride himself.

    It’s a pity, that the CEO’s not like the rest of the team….

    Marry Christmas, everyone!

    1. Martin Kotys

      Hi Andi,

      Thank you for your message. Migration plugin is still under development. We have it almost ready but don’t want to rush it and want to properly test everything before publishing. Nothing would be worse than if your fully working Directory site stopped working because of faulty migration.

      Other plugins were developed by a different developers. These plugins are adding value not only to current Directory users that want to migrate, but also to new users that were waiting for these features to launch their sites.

      Thank you for understanding.

      Happy Holidays! 🙂

      1. TomTom

        Hi Martin,

        I wish you a happy new year.

        It would be also great, if all the old customers and their websites could go online again and not only the new customers.

        So I’d like to know, when the import plugin for Business Finder will be available.
        Unfortunately it’s been another month now……


        1. Martin Kotys

          Hi TomTom,

          Happy New Year to you too! We have one developer working on the plugin full time, we’d like to release it next week 🙂

          Have a great day,

          1. TomTom

            Hi Marin,

            can or should we prepare the data for the transfer in any way or is the plugin doing all the work itself?

            Have a nice day!

            Best regards

  2. Leandro

    Hello Martin, Congrats for your (and team) great work!! Keep it up!

    Where can I see your freebies? This blog post don’t have a link to them:

    Free theme PSDs:
    The Hair – custom made design for hair and spa saloons
    ArtCafe – bistro website design
    Caroline – colorful design with unique touches
    Freebies – icons, images, buttons or ribons. You can use them anywhere also for commercial stuff. We plan to add more collections for you 😉

    Thank you!!

    1. Martin Kotys

      Thank you Leandro, all freebies can be downloaded from our system. You can register via following url and get access to all our freebies:

  3. Dan Roitner

    Hi Martin

    I look forward to the new themes and plugins. I need to migrate two Directory sites and agree that you need to get it right so we, the users don’t waste any time making the transition or have down time due to rushing it out.

    I have read comments about the extra cost of your of your plugins and how City is now the new platform. I have no problem paying your team a few $$ vs. the high cost of a programmer to do the same. Your products and service have been good and supporting that is a good thing, for all.

    May you all at AIT have a great holiday!

    Dan from Toronto (no snow yet)

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