Biggest update ever – Directory+ WordPress Theme

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Updated: September 6, 2018
Biggest update ever – Directory+ WordPress Theme

It’s been quite time since we started creating themes for Themeforest community. We’ve just passed amazing 2000 days and during this long time we’ve released thousands of updates to all our WordPress themes. During these 5 years we’ve also invented many new and unique features and themes. One of them was also Directory WordPress theme. This unique theme, the very first one on themeforest have opened doors to online business to almost 10.000 people. It’s not a generic theme like any other, it’s a tool that will power your entire online business and allows you to achieve passive income. We’re very proud that we were the very first ones with this theme concept. We were listening to our customers and created very unusual theme update.

Why (un)usual update?

We could release Directory+ theme as a brand new theme, completely separated from the old one. Directory+ package includes several years of hard work of the whole AIT team. Our idea is to support each other and therefore all our existing Directory customers can migrate their Directory powered websites to the brand new Directory+ theme for free. In order to be able to provide support and updates also in the future we need support from your side.

  1. All existing customers get new Directory+ theme free of charge
  2. Brand new 2015 look and many new features
  3. You can extend your existing website with wide range of innovative plugins

Let’s have a look at what’s new in Directory+ WordPress theme. What features were added and what features you can find as plugins:

  • 18 new features such as Fully responsive design, AIT Page Builder, Video Header, Miles/Km support, etc.
  • Great futuristic features like 3D Map and Business View. Featured item listings and Colorized google maps.
  • Compatibility with AIT Languages multilingual plugin where for the price of 1 plugin you’ll get not only multilingual support but also language translations. These translations are continuously added and updated by translation professionals.

Directory comparation table 1Directory comparation table 2Directory comparation table 3Directory Iconsets

Why plugins?

Every project is different and has different needs. Not everyone needs multilingual support, payment gateways or bulk data import. We’ve separated these features and created individual plugins. We’re also working on new directory portal oriented WordPress themes with new unique look and features. Did you know that license for all our products on is for unlimited websites and usage? You can use all plugins not only with our Directory+ and City Guide WordPress theme, but also with themes that are currently under development.

Directory+ theme is built on our AIT Framework 2 which is continuously developed since 2012. Whole philosophy is built on wide range of settings, page builder and multilingual support. We’ve created a tool to create almost any website. Directory+ theme is fully loaded multi-purpose theme you can use for any kind of website.

What are advantages of plugins?

Plugins are and will be compatible with all our new directory portal oriented themes. We currently have 2 portal themes, but we will be releasing new ones on upcoming months.

There’s unlimited website and project usage. You’ll buy the plugin once and use it on unlimited projects.

For those that don’t like limits

Premium Membership is our biggest package for the best price you can find. Get access to all our products on for only $89.

For $89 you’ll get:

71 Themes 30 Plugins 183 Graphics 28 Languages

Why is it great to become Premium Member?

With Premium Membership you’ll get

  • 1 year access to updates
  • 1 year technical support
  • 1 year access to all new products
  • Lifetime theme or product usage
  • Theme or product can be used on unlimited websites
  • Lifetime membership price guarantee for upcoming years

What makes us special

  • Easy but powerful Ait Page Builder
  • 14 themes fully translated into 26 languages
  • 30+ elements to create any kind of website
  • Sidebar manager with unlimited widget areas
  • Easy style & layout change of your website and all elements
  • Contact form, Easy slider and many, many more

Free Migration plugin to migrate from Directory to Directory+

With the help of AIT Migration plugin that you can download for free you can migrate your data from Directory to Directory+ theme in a couple of clicks. As Directory+ is built on a completely different framework, it’s important to set up all your directory packages, PayPal credentials or other settings like colors, logo or header settings.

It’s important to follow steps from the documentation in order to migrate your data correctly from the old custom post type to the new one.

but-migration1 but-migration2

About Martin Kotys

CEO & Founder of AitThemes. Martin has 14 years experience in web industry. Has masters degree in IT. Experienced Web developer, Linux and Database Admin.

Comments (40)

  1. Brad Hildebrand

    I received your e-mail about the Directory plus update. When I try to sign in to get the migration plugin it won’t take my User ID and Password. I can get into the Envato site. I downloaded the new Directory Plus update, but I can’t get the migration plugin. Can you help?

    I’ve bought 3 copies of the Directory theme and would like to update all three.

    1. Martin Kotys

      Hi Brad,

      Thank you for your message. If you don’t have an account in our system, you can register and create it on the following url:
      Envato username&password won’t work on our site.

      Have a great day,

  2. Paul

    Hi Martin,

    I have to say I don’t feel very confident trying to move over a live site from the old Directory to the new Directory+. Is it possible for someone who’s professional to do this for a fee?

    Many thanks…Paul

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for your question. We do not offer this service due to capacity reason. Thanks for understanding.
      Have an awesome day!

    1. Zlatko

      in case that you are an owner of Directory theme from Themeforest, you must login into your account and download it.
      Have a nice day!

    1. Zlatko

      Hi, thanks for interesting in one of our products. It’s free update that regards to current owners of previous theme version. If you have bought the theme before, you can download the latest version for free.
      Have a great day!

  3. tanya

    I want to hire your services for the theme update. I have Directory and I understand the update is for Directory+
    Please confirm that if I buy this service you will update my current website (Directory) with Directory+ and it will be totally updated with all the existing items, content, images, header logo etc.
    I emailed a couple of days ago, but didn’t receive a reply.
    I really want to get going on this.
    Thanks, Tanya

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for your message. We unfortunately do not offer that service due to capacity reasons. Thanks for understanding. Our support team is ready to assist you with any kind of issue regarding the theme. Customization is not included. Have a nice day!

  4. arusgroup

    I have Directory i bought Directory in 2015-06-09 15:11:53 UTC

    Can I update to Directory+ for free?
    Or Can I Refund Request My money ?

    1. Zlatko

      Yes, you can update for free. Feel free to check extendable plugins that you might find as useful: or graphics:
      Have a nice day!

  5. Jared

    Hi, I purchased the FINDER theme, as the banner on that page stated we could upgrade or swap anytime to Directory when the new + version was out, or that is what I thought it meant so I chose that theme thinking I can always upgrade.

    Now I see the update is NOT available for my FINDER theme? is this correct? How do I switch to the new theme from my finder theme? is it possible>

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for your question. The banner was concerning Directory theme and its update to Directory+ . Both themes are sold via Themeforest, we can not help you. Anyhow, a similar update of Business Update is possible in the future, we’ll consider it. Have a nice day,

  6. Stephanie B

    Hi, I am interested in Directory+ but have limited knowledge of WordPress, is it easy to install and set-up? If I manage to set it up is it straightforward to create my website or will I require an understanding of coding etc?

    I want to be able to create a wedding website which has information pages and visitors can search for suppliers. I’d like the suppliers to be able to have text and images on their listing and the ability to register and upload this themselves but Admin would retain overall control. I would also like to allow visitors to write reviews of suppliers with Admin monitoring comments prior to publication.

    Finally I want to be able to advertise events on here and have visitors register their attendance.

    After reading the spec I believe this theme can do all this for me but I’m concerned how easy or complicated it will be to achieve this for someone with a limited knowledge of such things!

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Stephanie B

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Stephanie,
      Directory+ and City Guide uses the same system, please have a look at the documentation or video tutorial:
      intallation: . You can import demo content to get examples of pages:
      To create wedding website is possible by using extension plugins, please have a look at some of them that are fully compatible with the both themes:
      You might be interested also in using some graphics and icons, please check the following products at:
      Anyhow, after purchase theme you get access to support forum where our AIT support team will answer all your questions and help you to solve any issue regarding theme. Please kindly note, customization of the theme or plugin is not provided due to capacity reasons.
      Thank you for understanding.
      Have a great day! Zlatko.

    1. Zlatko

      the demo login into admin is not available. We are sorry for that.
      Anyhow, you can choose City Guide theme, please see in detail our Terms of Use: and moreover, the theme is coming to be updated with the features that are available at Directory+. Have a nice day! Zlatko.

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Adam,
      yes, feel free to follow our documentation at: or simply contact us at support forum.
      Have a nice day, Zlatko.

  7. Zoey


    I have the old directory theme and I updated the version Updated Directory2-Themeforest-1.8 after this update my look and feel all changed. Do i now use the migration tool plugin? I am very confused as I don’t know how to install the migration Directory to update my theme. Please help.


    1. Zlatko

      thanks for your message. Please kindly contact our support forum, or try to read more info about free migration plugin at: Hope this will help.
      Have a nice day,

    1. Zlatko

      thanks for purchasing one of our products. Directory+ theme as well as all the products that are sold at themeforest and due to that they can not be a part of packages that are sold at due to Evanto’s restrictions. Thanks for understanding. As a solution could be City Guide directory theme. Did you see this theme? There are some missing features by comparing with Directory+ theme which we are going to add within one of coming theme updates. Have a nice day,

  8. Jean-Francois Dion

    Hi Martin,

    I started a new project using the Directory + theme. It’s wonderful what I can do with it.

    I meet some limitations to achieve my project with + Directory.

    It’s not a matter of plug-ins or personal edit modifications, but the user approach (user friendly).

    I really think I have potential solutions for improvements of your Directory+ theme.

    Who can I contact to submit my ideas.

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Zlatko

      thanks for your compliments. Feel free to post your idea on our support forum or here. We appreciate any kind of feedback.
      Kind regards,

  9. Niko

    Hello, I’m interested in the Directory+ theme and some other options so I want to take the Premium Membership.
    The business finder theme has an option “delightful special offers” is this also available in the Directory+ theme?

    The business finder and Directory+ themes are not listed on but I presume the are also available in the Premium Membership ?

    For my project its important that the business can list themselves on the site, and depending on the membership one of the options is to post special offers / deals.
    So I want to make sure thats posible.

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Niko,
      thanks for interesting in our products.
      “delightful special offer” feature is called newly as “featured items”, you can create and manage unlimited user packages:
      Business Finder and Directory+ – both are sold exclusively only on themeforest market place, therefore themes are not included in our Premium package. Instead of theme there are City Guide and Event Guide directory themes.
      Thanks for understanding.

    1. Zlatko

      I am sorry but we do not offer any additional services related to websites of themes users. General support cover mainly finding of solutions for problems in theme and help users use the product, unfortunately we are not capable working on users custom websites.
      Anyhow, i would advice you to contact an experienced wordpress developer/designer who will help you to create unique web site, for example at some market place like “”

  10. Paul Carfagnini

    Unfortunately your newest version City Guide theme is not compatible with our hosting server and a bad update has really screwed up our online business. You should check the usage problems on the City Guide theme and the plugins because it stops loading the wp login and users can’t access wp dashboard. How do unhappy customers get a refund on the theme purchase?

    1. Zlatko

      kindly post your theme-regarding question at our support forum which will enable answer you to most efficiently. You must have registered the product’s purchase code /in the section My Account -> Subscription/.
      Secondly, we did no encounter any issue within our installation, we have no other feedbacks from our clients regarding mentioned issue. Please kindly also check:
      Thanks for understanding.
      Best regards,

  11. Kiloukiotis Ioannis

    I bought the Direktory+ theme, but support have expired since 1.5.2016. I find update, but when I try to run it show me the error “An error occurred while updating Directory Plus: Could not create directory. Directory2 / design / js / livs”. This is is because ends the sypport and don;t let me to make update ? or other prblem with WP ?. When I buy support from AIT, the problem will be solved ?.
    Thank you

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Kiloukiotis,
      thanks for contacting us. You are missing a lot of updates and the reason that you are not able to update can not be finished access to support forum. I am very sorry but we do not offer any additional services related to websites of themes users. General support covers mainly finding of solutions for problems in theme and help users use the product, if there is a bug we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Unfortunately we are not capable working on user’s custom websites. But we have created and keep working on adding knowledge base, please kindly have a look at:
      Basis on our customer’s faults in the past – the most common reason for not be able perform theme update is changed the name of the theme folder …
      Thanks for understanding.
      Best regards,

  12. Станислав

    The geolocation on the site.As soon as you start to look for objects that are in the area, the browser says “Confirm action on the prohibition of geolocation”. What could be the problem?

    1. Zlatko

      Hello Stanislav,
      I’d like to kindly ask you to check our knowledge base and/or documentation |
      or post technical question directly in our support ticket system. Please log in to your account

  13. Rave


    is $199 still there as i could not find this pricing plan. What i see is $299.

    “Premium Membership is our biggest package for the best price you can find. Get access to all our products on for only $199″

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Zlatko

      Hey Rave,
      thanks for asking:
      PremiumX includes:
      Directory package includes all the products of PremiumX plus:
      For detailed info please have a look at:
      Best, Zlatko

  14. LaMar Raboteau

    GoDaddy advised that 5.6 PHP My SQL extension is not working well with the 4.7 WordPress. I contacted them because all of a sudden my website turned extremely slow. Please help!


    1. Zlatko

      Hello LaMar,
      thanks for your message. Please, post technical question directly in our support ticket system. Please log in to your account
      Our technicians can answer most efficiently even as quick as possible when you decide for priority question (obviously within a few hours) or
      check our documentation at:
      Anyhow, in my opinion php version 7 might help you.
      Best regards!

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