Membership purchase and renewal: Best price guaranteed

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Updated: September 22, 2020
Membership purchase and renewal: Best price guaranteed
[September 2020 update]

We keep our pricing policy simple and fair. Therefore you can be sure that once you’ve joined Ait Themes Club, the price of your membership will never go up for you, it can only go down. The best price guarantee means that you will never pay more for the membership renewal that you paid in the past.

When subscribing for an online service requiring regular payments, you should be considering long term cost alongside with the immediate savings or special offers.

It is more legitimate to ask:

“How much will I pay over the next few years?”


“What welcome price will you give me at the beginning?”

AitThemes packages

You can always decide between these products.

Single Product

Buying this product, you have access to one product (theme, plugin, or graphic) and its updates for the following 12 months. You have access to support via our ticket system for 12 months.

Full Membership

This product grants to all current and future products (themes, plugins, and graphics) released during the next 12 months and their updates for the following 12 months. You have access to support via our ticket system for 12 months.

Lifetime Membership

This package grants you unlimited access to all products and their updates. You have access to support via our ticket system for 12 months.

After one year

a. Your access to all products remains.

b. In case you need our dedicated help with settings or other technical questions, you can prolong support access for only $19 per six months.

Membership Upgrade

You can upgrade from Single product to Full membership. Also from Full membership to Lifetime membership. Please log in to your customer account and see the offer.

Themeforest purchase

The customers coming from Themeforest have one license per one domain usage rights. Also, they have unlimited updates access and at least 6 months of support. Support access depends on chosen preferences during the purchase. It can be extended. We provide support services through our ticket system. Please register your purchase code to activate your products.

Membership Upgrade offer is also available, please register your purchase code and see the deal. Or contact us via Pre-Sale question.

Most common FAQs of our customers

1. How much will I pay next year?

Q: I bought Ait-themes Full membership for a special price. How much will I pay for renewal next year?

A: Same price or even less!

The price that you’ve paid for your membership once is a maximal possible price that you’ll be ever charged for your renewal. If the price is higher at the time of your renewal, you will be charged as much as you paid the first time around. If the price goes down – good for you! You can renew at a more favorable price and fix the new, lower price as your new best price for future renewals. Just login to your account and renew your membership through the Subscription page.

2. What if the price goes up?

Q: What happens to my Full membership if the price increases significantly?

A: Nothing.

The future increase of the membership subscription price does not affect you or the renewal price of your current membership. You will never pay more for the same membership package than you paid in the past. Even if the price is higher when your membership is about to expire, it won’t affect you. You’ll pay the same favorable price for your renewal, that you paid before.

3. Will I get access to new products?

Q: I bought my Full membership on offer. Then you released new features and increased the membership subscription fee. How will this affect me? Will I get access to new AitThemes products?

A: Yes, you will.

As AitThemes Club member, you’re entitled to all updates as well as new products added to the same class membership you’ve subscribed for. This means that as soon as we add new products or features, you get them for free until you have active Full membership. Log in to your account and download new products for free. Many new features you even get automatically by installing the update of plugins and theme you’re using. For unlimited access please upgrade to Lifetime Membership.

4. How can I benefit from the current deal?

Q: I paid full price for my Full membership and now it’s on sale for a much lower price. Is there any way I can benefit from the new deal?

A: Renew your membership right away.

Best thing you can do when you see your membership on offer is to renew straight away. Because special offer on your membership is an opportunity for you to reduce your renewal price going forward and it’s also cost-efficient as your current membership validity will be extended by a year.

5. Can I renew early?

Q: Is it possible to renew my membership before it expires?

A: Yes, of course.

In fact, you can renew your membership any time after your initial subscription. If you renew your membership before it expires:

  • your current membership validity will be extended by 1 year period (which means you won’t lose any time because of renewing early), and
  • your future renewal price will be fixed at the low special price – the renewal price you paid during the special offer period.

It’s a double win!


How to renew early for special price? To RENEW your membership, go to the Subscriptions page under My Account when you login to Ait-themes account. This will ensure your current membership will be prolonged by a year. Not going through “My Subscriptions” under your login area might result in starting a completely new membership from the day of purchase.

6. What is the support policy?

Our yearly membership and single product purchase come with support ticket system access for one year. Lifetime membership comes with one-year support access and unlimited all products access. After one year you can renew only your support access for just $19 per six months.

The support policy for Themeforest purchase applies according to Envato. Item comes with 6 months support. During the purchase process, you can upgrade to12 months of support. You can extend support also later.

Why you should always renew

You’re not building your website to have it for a year. You want to have it and profit from it for many years, right?

By joining our club, you made a decision to only rely on high quality, sustainable, and well-renowned developer. It is worth the money. And if you want to keep your website safe and running smoothly in the future, you’ll want to renew your membership every year. So why not to renew for a great price when the membership is on offer?

You can upgrade from Full to Lifetime Membership and have unlimited access to all future updates.

Few examples…

Example 1

Q: What will be renewal price if I buy today for a special offer price? Will it be a reduced amount or the original price?

A: Your renewal price will be always the price you have paid, it means a reduced amount.

Example 2

Q: I bought my Full Membership 1 year ago for $129, my Full Membership renewal is due now. Current price is $99. What my renewal price will be?

A: Your renewal price will be $99 if this is a valid price on the day of the expiration/automatic renewal of your membership.

Example 3

Q: I bought my Full Membership 1 year ago for the special price of $99. Current price is $150. What my renewal price will be?

A: Your Full Membership renewal price will be $99, even though current selling price is $150. $99 is your Best Price Guaranteed.

Example 4

Q: I bought my Full Membership on 1st February 2019 for $99. Now it’s on a special offer $66. What should I do?

A: Renew your membership. The validity of your current membership is 1 year starting from 1st February 2019 (the day of purchase). If you renew today, your membership validity will be extended by 1 year, the new membership will start AFTER expiration day of your currently valid membership. Your renewal will be valid from 1st February 2020 until 31st January 2021.

  • Your current membership validity: 1st February 2019 – 31st January 2020
  • Day of renewal: 15th December 2019
  • Membership renewal validity: 1st February 2020 – 31st January 2021
  • NEW expiration date of your membership: 31st January 2021

Special price you paid for renewal will be your Best Price Guaranteed for all your future renewals. It means from now you pay only $66 per year.

Special deal today = opportunity to save money tomorrow

When you see a special deal on your membership package and the price is lower than the one you paid, you can benefit from it too. How?

Simple: Renew your membership right away and lock down this special price forever. Just login to your account and go to the Subscriptions page to renew.

Best thing you can do after joining the Ait Themes Club is to keep watching out for our special deals and take advantage of them.


Please note: We want to be fair to our loyal customers, therefore we give them the opportunity to reduce future renewal price of their memberships by renewing early during special offer.

What will I get for the guaranteed best price?

You will always get everything listed in the membership package. Don’t worry, there’s no catch.

Full Membership grants you:

  • Access to all products of certain membership type (including the newly added ones)
  • 12 months of updates
  • 12 months of support
  • Unlimited domain usage
  • Lifetime usage license
  • Everything else listed in your chosen package

In case of a special offer for the Lifetime Membership, it grants you:

  • Access to all products of certain membership type (including the newly added ones)
  • Lifetime updates
  • 12 months of support (optional renewal $19 / 6 months)
  • Unlimited domain usage
  • Lifetime usage license
  • Everything else listed in your chosen package

What happens if I don’t renew my membership?

In case you do not renew your Full Membership, you will lose access to:

  • All our products, you will NOT be able to download anything from our system, not even the older versions of the products you’ve been using,
  • All updates and security fixes,
  • Support,
  • Newly added products,
  • You will also lose your guaranteed best price. If you change your mind a few weeks later, you will need to pay the actual price at the time of purchase, no matter how low was your guaranteed price before.

But there’s no reason to panic. We’ll send you a reminder for renewal before it’s due and/or even renew your membership automatically for your guaranteed best price (if applicable).

Lifetime usage license for the WP theme you already have installed belongs to you. We will never ask you to delete it or stop using it. However, the security and stability of your website will be entirely in your hands after leaving the Ait Themes Club as you won’t be receiving any updates from us any more.

BUY FULL MEMBERSHIP FOR $99 TODAY Best Price Ever Guaranteed!