About Jarinka

Jarinka has economic degree and for our team is the biggest WordPress enthusiast and a first line end-user consultant. She's also experienced marketer and PR specialist.

Get to know AitThemes team better: today interviewing Jozef

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Eye catching look is the key to success. It’s true in almost every industry but in WordPress world, it applies twice! That’s why at AitThemes, we only cooperate with great, highly professional designers. Designers, who not only have necessary education and rich experience, but also the irreplaceable designer eye. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jozef. Great […]

Get to know AitThemes team better: today interviewing Ivan

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Ivan is our support manager, he’s the most experienced one of all our supporters and the most patient one in our Ait Team. He’s been with Ait for 5 years even though being a supporter for WordPress themes hasn’t always been the job of his dreams… Ivan, I think that no-one really dreams of being […]

Web design summer trends 2017 – not only in WordPress world

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Summer is just behind the next door and we’re all looking forward to it. We’ll be working less (hopefully), enjoying more sun, have some lovely beach time… It’s the time for recharging our own internal batteries, letting of the steam and relaxing. Are you asking how does it all affects the online world, website or […]

Logo & WordPress website – how to create & add it to your site

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There’s a logo on (almost) every website. It hugely contributes to website’s look, first impression your visitors get when they open the site and it certainly is a branding thing. Well designed logo helps you send the right message about your company to your potential customers and increases recognition of your brand. This is the […]

Simple guide to directory themes

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Have you been wondering what are basic differences between particular Directory Themes? OK, they look different but is there anything else to look out for when deciding which Directory Theme to buy? Here comes the simple guide to directory WordPress Themes from our Club with Major Functionalities & Tips for Every Directory Portal. Hope it […]