Addition of Google Analytics Tracking ID

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Updated: January 15, 2020
Addition of Google Analytics Tracking ID

It is very important for every owner of the business or portal website to gain data about its visitors, their activity on the website or the (un)realized purchases. One of the most common softwares for user tracking is Google Analytics.

First step required for service activation is to generate unique Tracking ID code via your Google Analytics account.

Where to insert the Tracking ID

Some of the available WordPress templates on the market do not provide field for inputting Google Analytics code. In such case website administrator has to manually find the appropriate place in the website code and insert the string manually.

Our WordPress themes allow insertion of your Tracking ID in the most convenient way. In the admin page in Theme Options -> in the Google tab, you can find the field that can be populated with your tracking ID.

Google Analytics Tracking ID

Following the insertion of ID, just click Save Options – that’s it! The tracking for your website is activated.

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