70 WordPress themes compatible with Gutenberg editor

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Updated: January 15, 2020
70 WordPress themes compatible with Gutenberg editor

A few days ago we brought you a trailer for our new WordPress Gutenberg theme that we’re working on. Some of our customers have been a little concerned and interested in what will happen to our existing themes and whether these themes will be compatible with Gutenberg. As Gutenberg has become the main content editor since the most recent version of WordPress 5.0, users have begun to think about how to manage existing content. And eventually, if the previously built websites wouldn’t break due to new block-based system. You don’t have to worry. The following article will explain you why.

All of our themes are Gutenberg compatible themes

A separate Gutenberg template is being developed to bring up a modern theme with pre-designed, styled blocks and brand new custom blocks that will be available right in the content. As Gutenberg editor introduces new era in WordPress, we also want to keep up with current trends and provide our customers something completely new and innovative.

However, despite working on a specific template built directly on Gutenberg, we do not forget about our existing themes. We currently have 70 WordPress themes available for download – premium business themes and portal themes. To date, our customers have created thousands of websites based on these themes that are actively used worldwide. That is why updating these templates is the same priority for us as the new one which we’re working on.

In terms of compatibility of our themes with Gutenberg, the latest updates already take into account that the default editor in admin interface is the built-in Gutenberg editor (you can still switch back to the original WYSIWYG editor if you’re unsure about using Gutenberg).

Just as our usual updates you’re used to, also all future updates will be released periodically and will bring bug fixes that may appear over time – whether related to Gutenberg or templates as such.


Each WordPress template in our offer is Gutenberg compatible theme. It will be regularly updated with security updates, newly added features as well as bug fixes. The planned arrival of our entirely new WordPress Gutenberg theme has no effect on maintaining the existing templates.

WordPress 5 needs an updated theme for the latest version

If you have used any of our templates for building your website, you don’t have to worry at all – the website will run without any issues with Gutenberg too. The only thing to keep in mind is updating the WordPress theme you use. Therefore, we recommend first updating the template to the latest version, and subsequently upgrade WordPress to version 5.0 to ensure full compatibility of the theme with Gutenberg and its proper functioning.

Update your theme to become Gutenberg compatible or renew your membership if it has expired.

Update the theme immediately

Gutenberg ready themes for Lifetime Membership customers

Lifetime Membership offers all our products for a one-time payment, including their lifetime updates, which are then provided without any additional fees. So if you have purchased Lifetime Membership, you can easily update all the templates to make them Gutenberg ready themes in a matter of seconds. Updates are, of course, also available to Full Membership owners if your subscription is still valid.

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One more important piece of information – the upcoming new WordPress Gutenberg Theme will be available to you as well and you will be able to download it as soon as we release it.

How to disable Gutenberg on a WordPress theme

The arrival of WordPress 5 (and especially the setup of Gutenberg as the only built-in content editor) can also mean that users will not be able to quickly and comfortably utilize all of its features and perform the usual tasks as they did using the standard WYSIWYG editor that they are used to for years.


If this is your case and you’d rather go back to the original editor (at least temporarily), there’s a fairly simple way how to disable Gutenberg. Just download a Classic Editor plugin that will install back WYSIWYG.

However, take into consideration that one day it won’t be possible to disable Gutenberg.

Summary in bullet points how the Gutenberg compatible themes work:

  • All our business and portal themes are compatible with Gutenberg.
  • Each of our 70 previously released themes is fully compatible with WordPress 5.
  • A condition for the smooth operation of our WordPress templates with Gutenberg is the update of the themes to their latest version. Therefore, if you plan to install the latest WordPress, make sure to first update the template you’re using for your website before upgrading WordPress.
  • We are preparing a specific WordPress Gutenberg theme built on the Gutenberg block-based system.
  • Complete care for all templates will be secured; this means all our existing templates will continue being maintained and regularly updated.