12 Reasons why to use multilingual wordpress theme

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Updated: September 6, 2018
12 Reasons why to use multilingual wordpress theme

1. One language is simply not enough for one website

Website should be written in more than 10 language to reach most of the population. Of course, you might object that it depends solely on purpose of the site what the targeted audience is. Chances are close to zero that one language will be sufficient for any type of content you offer online. Imagine that you’re building website for UK authorities to provide some specific information to public. You say fine, this is local, everyone who should read it speaks English, right? Yes, this is quite right but if you are really interested in spreading knowledge and engaging with wider public you will be thinking of multicultural and therefore multilingual citizens. And with a high percentage of bilingual staff in your client’s office, it will be very easy to add translations too.

2. Think one step ahead

You’re probably doing it already. When you receive an order from a client to build a website, you need to know everything they want that site to be. Your time is precious and you want the outcome of your work to be as perfect as possible on the first go. And if by any chance happens that you receive a request to add or rebuild something later, you want to be prepared for it upfront. They might say that they don’t need multilingual site at first but if they change their mind later, you won’t need to bin everything you’ve done and start from scratch. In case you’ve used multilingual theme at the start, adding a new language is just one click away now.

3. Enlarge your market immediately

This is something that is very clear from the beginning. More languages => more readers => more sales. As complicated as it might seem to penetrate bigger, world-wide markets, it’s really easy to do in the virtual world. Language is a very strong tool. You can create a wonder just by adding an extra language to the website.

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Provide useful information in as many languages as you can, than just sit and watch. One thing is certain. You can’t lose anything by exposing your content to a wider audience. There’s no need for any complicated strategy to be created and implemented. It doesn’t take years to do. Just start with adding one extra language. If you wonder which language would be the most effective, just check some of the web statistics regarding languages.

4. Take an advantage on effort already paid by someone else

The content of the website is always unique and original. If you want it to sound natural in every language, you find native or at least fluent speaker to translate it for you. From the agency’s point of view, your customer will supply all the texts for website you’re building. But whether you like it or not, there’s always a big list of small words and phrases that repeat on every single site. They’re quite manual and very boring to translate and you shouldn’t have to do it as it’s been already done thousands of time by someone else. AIT Multilingual Themes are already translated to 26+ languages so can leave out the boring part. Administration, Page Builder, Website Elements and Front-end – all of these is already translated for you. Apart from great time saving you will save some of the translation’s cost too.


Update: Your work will be much easier thanks to international access.
If you have theme with translated admin environment all changes can be made by your colleagues from different countries. They can access individual elements in their own language and update them as needed which is a great advantage. International companies can hire native speakers to administer website in their language.

5. Better SEO results thanks to multilingual theme

Website in multiple languages has naturally higher value for search engines therefore it ranks better in a list of results. Simply said, if you have serious website with good content, each language multiplies its value. There are also great SEO plugins like YOAST that you can use to optimize your site and make it easier for google and other engines to recognize, categorize and sort content to make sure it’s included in relevant search results. People are also searching in their local language that would make impossible for them to find your site if it’s (e.g.) in English only. Not to mention social networks where people share and add feedback. Mostly in their language too.


Update: Language mutations and multilingual content increase organic traffic and help your website grow. Displaying search results in user’s language can significantly increase chances that user will complete the action required to increase the conversion rate. It leads to drop of your bounce rate too.

6. YOU build the website, let THEM administer it going forward

With admin environment fully translated to so many languages, you can be sure that your clients will handle website administration themselves without any major issues. Things like adding new blog posts, feature items listing, updating header image and much more can be done by anyone, even if they don’t speak any English and have no coding knowledge what-so-ever. This means not only time savings but mainly more happy customers for you. Use this as your competitive advantage when promoting your services. Now you can really approach your clients on local level. They don’t need to worry about hiring English speaking IT specialist or paying extra money for everyday website updates.

7. Local customer will always prefer local language

This is the rule: Local customer will always prefer local language. Bigger language community you’re approaching, strongly this rule applies. On the other hand, smaller countries will appreciate your effort even more because they realize that outer world in general does not speak their local language. You can really gain some extra credits for good translations here. AIT Translations are made by professional translators who are almost always native speakers. After the translations are up and running they are being “verified” by customers who provide feedback, telling author if anything needs to be changed for more suitable expression. This makes translations reliable and current.

8. Go for well renowned author

When choosing WordPress theme for your client’s site, you’re looking for quality, design and continuity. You need the theme to be well coded, stable and easy to administer going forward. In other words, you will most probably go for themes that have been tested by many real life users and are from author who will stick around for few more years too. AIT team have been designing WordPress Multilingual Themes since 2009. It’s the biggest Multilingual Themes Club in the world. Their dedication and passion for WP Themes creation is obvious. AIT themes have beautiful design, user friendly admin layout and great functionalities. You won’t find themes fully translated into so many languages anywhere else.

9. Get both, your WP Theme & the plugin from one author

Multilingual plugin is pretty big thing when you realize that the entire website is built around it. Having individual pages translated is not just adding an extra page and typing in content in a new language. Switching between languages need to be smooth and all the little details on the page including those fancy big signs in a curly font need to be translated. Choose author whose specialty is developing themes for multilingual sites and get WP Theme and the plugin, both from one author. This will guarantee you 100% compatibility, better functionality and faster support. Here you can read more about your options when choosing the best multilingual WordPress themes.

10. Regular updates

State of the art and safety are two most important things to consider right at the start of choosing the theme. New technology is being released everyday. Your smartphone is old fashioned already if you haven’t bought it within last few months. All of these you need to take into account when choosing the right theme. Theme might look nice now. Or on your old tablet. But will it still be great when the new edition comes in? It’s important that all texts and plugins for your WP Theme are being revised and updated regularly. They also need to comply with the latest version of WordPress. With AIT multilingual themes new translations are being added as soon as they’re available and verified on top of all regular updates and security fixes.

11. Avoid getting lost

You know how easy it is to get lost in all those settings and setups. If you’re looking for certain configuration screen and cannot find it, the quickest way is to ask someone more experienced. They can easily switch to their preferred language, find the route and afterwards show you how to get there in your language. And because admin environment is fully translated to so many languages, you have higher chance to find what you’re looking for by yourself in the first place.

12. Great enterprise solution for global companies

All multinational companies are paying great effort to customization not only of their products and services but their internal systems too. They want to access customers and employees in a more appealing way and make sure they understand all essential information. Therefore they allow to choose preferred language when completing mandatory training online or signing the disclaimers. It’s similar with multilingual ready themes and admin environment in many different languages. Every single user can apply their very own settings and feel more comfortable doing their job.